luni, 24 iulie 2017

Hotel Laguna, Mangalia

Hotel Laguna is literally on the beach! The friendly staff make everything to be comfortable and relaxing.

There is no view from room I stayed (room 2). But who is staying in the room at the seaside?

joi, 1 iunie 2017

Trovants Museum

On DN67 road, between Tg. Jiu and Rm. Vâlcea, 7 km away from Horezu, it is the only outdoor museum in the world dedicated to trovants (GPS N45.137937 E24.068281). A 20-minute stop, to admire these strange natural sculptures, deserves to be done to break the monotony of a long drive.

duminică, 29 ianuarie 2017

Winter Sky

Motto: Don't take the life only in white or only in black!

In summer, the sky is blue and clear. It is hot and well. In winter, it is gray. It is cold and, somehow, unlikable. But it is more beautiful.

luni, 2 ianuarie 2017

Thank you!

A New Year just started. A New Year for love and hope. A New Year for a better world. This is what we hope. (The big problem is, of course, that "better" has not the same meaning for all of us.) In these days, it's somehow a custom to think at what happened (good or worse) in the last year. It's somehow a custom to say "Thank you" to people who do their best for our happy days. Let's do it. THANK YOU!